We use several communication methods at Pumpkin Delight School to help keep you informed of all school-related activity.  It is vital that you read all of the materials that are sent to you in order to stay up-to-date on what's happening at PDS! 

Communication Chain of Command
When you have a question about your child's classes or work in school, it is best to first contact the person who is closest to the situation.  In most cases, this is the teacher.  For that reason, we have adopted a districtwide Chain of Command parents must follow in order to get their questions or concerns resolved quickly.  The chain of command for elementary schools in Milford is as follows:



Central Office Staff Member
(depends on circumstance)


School Messenger/Automatic Messenging
The Milford Public School system uses an automated phone messaging system called School Messenger.  This system gives school administrators the ability to easily contact parents/guardians immediately of news that needs to be communicated.

Administrators have the ability to send personally pre-recorded messages to the entire school community, or they can tailor transmissions to smaller groups when needed (for example, if a particular bus route is delayed, the principal can send a message to only those families connected to that particular bus).

The School Messenger system allows us to program up to three numbers for each parent/guardian of a student. 

Keeping Your Info Up-to-Date is VITAL
In order for the system to work properly, we must be confident that the information we have in our database is accurate.  Please make sure you update our office any time you get a new phone number or a new e-mail address.  This way, we can be assured you will receive the messages we send.

The Pumpkin Patch News
This monthly newsletter is chock-full of information relating to school programs, upcoming events, hot topics, and community information.  We send this newsletter via e-mail.  The newsletter is also uploaded to this website for your convenience -- so you can read it any time you wish!  If you need a paper copy, please contact the school office, (203) 783-3531.

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