Discipline Policy

Welcome to second grade! An open line of communication between parents and the teacher is essential in order for your child to have a successful year. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that may arise during the school year. The best way to reach me is through a note or to leave a message with the office. I will also call or write home when necessary.

All students are expected to be on their best behavior at all times to ensure the best learning environment. In order to provide consistency for all students, we will be using a behavior management technique called Give Me 5. When attention of the class is needed, the teacher raises her hand in the air with all five fingers spread apart. Give Me 5 is said verbally once, but this is primarily a visual cue.

The five fingers symbolize the teacher's expectations of the students at that time. These expectations are eyes on speaker, ears listening, hands free, mouth quiet, and body still. A poster modeling this is posted in the front of the room for students to refer to.

The following consequences are in place for students who do not follow the classroom rules. There is a large traffic light located in the front of the room. Every morning all of the children start out with their clothespin on green, meaning great behavior. The first time the student misbehaves or does not follow the teacher's direction they will receive a verbal warning. The second time in the same day, the student's clothespin will be moved to yellow, meaning they have a warning. If a student is spoken to for a third time in one day, they will be required to take a note home letting their parents know how they behaved at school that day. This note will need to be signed and returned the next day.

Throughout the day, the class is given the opportunity to earn marbles for good class behavior. When the class receives a designated number of marbles we will have a special treat. Earning marbles requires the class to work as a team and therefore provides a safe and pleasant learning environment for students to work in.

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