Student Websites

RazKids! Read books on your level.

Khan Academy:  practice in all areas of the curriculum including videos and hints 

Math Magician:  practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts!

This one is FUN! Using a space explorer theme, visitors are asked to blast asteroids
using their knowledge of math facts.  There's also a worksheet creator and a game
template to make your own math fun.


One stop shopping!  This site features a wide variety of math topics.  Math games, flash cards, worksheets, word problems, logic puzzles, fractions and much, much more!

Math Playground

Math Forum-- Challenging math problems from Drexel University 
Problem of the Week

3rd Grade Brain Teasers-- Want to challenge your mind. Try some brain teasers! 
Brain Teasers

A Plus Math-- Cool flashcards and other stuff for addition, subtraction, 
multiplication, and division. A+Math

Cool Math 4 Kids-- You can never practice your math facts enough. Here is a fun
site where you can practice your math without even knowing it. Cool Math 4 Kids

AAA Math-- Super math practice for all students. AAA Math

Math Dictionary-- Forget what that math word means?!?!?! Look it up here! 
Math Dictionary

Activate Your Mind-- Check out this different site. It challenges you to think 
differently with fun activities. Complete virtual surgery or design a new cell phone!

Keyboarding for Kids-- Fun games and activities to help you learn to type. 
Learn 2 Type

Kids National Geographic-- Super site with games, videos, and activities to help you 
discover new animals, people, and places. National Geographic

Time for Kids-- Current Events TFK

Funbrain-- Language Arts and Math activities for kids. Lots of fun! Funbrain!

Gamequarium-- Tired of math games? Here is a site with games in all the subject 
areas. Gamequarium

Arty Astro-- Here is a great site with solar system games. Arty Astro
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