May Newsletter

May will be a very exciting month for us.

May 12th, May 13th and May 14th will be the Scholastic Book Fair. Children can bring money in on these days to go shopping at the book fair.

May 13th we will have a visiting artist speak to our class. Cyd Slotoroff was selected to be our presenter.

May 15th we will participate in a Kickball game competition. We will play against Mrs. Strelez’s third grade class. If we win, we will move on to challenge another class. Please remember to wear sneakers on this day to participate. The game will be rescheduled if it is raining on this day.

May 23rd will be an All School Gathering.


Reading: We are wrapping up our work with poetry. We are now going to read informational text , identify features from the text and learn more about a topic.

We are reading My Life as a Stunt Boy, which is the book selected for our One School, One Book Project.

Writing: We are publishing our poetry. Children have written, typed and illustrated several poems. We are going to start our expository writing. Children will choose a conservation topic to research and write about.

Math: We are in the middle of unit 8. This is a review of addition and subtraction strategies. It is extremely important to continue to practice multiplication and division facts daily. There will be an assessment about these facts coming up.

Spelling: We will have our unit32 spelling test May 16th. We will continue to study one unit a week.

Social Studies: We are going to continue to learn about communities and the history of Milford.

Science: We completed our Structures of Life unit. We are moving onto our conservation unit. Children will learn terms such as reduce, reuse and recycle.We will choose a topic in conservation and begin to research this topic.



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