Math Web Page

A web site structured to help students improve math skills through flash cards, games and worksheets in an interactive manner.


Math Baseball (add, subtract, multiply or divide)


Math Football (add, subtract, multiply or divide)


Soccer Shootout (add, subtract, multiply, or divide)


Penguin Waiter (percent)


Fresh Baked Fractions


Shape Surveyor: Area and Measurement


All Math Skill Areas 
This site includes flash cards, facts,exponents time, money, probability,
algebra, geometry, graphing,integers and more!


I learned about this website from Miss Jette. This site is terrific!


A newer link that families will enjoy


Ask Dr. Math is a question and answer service for k-12 math students.


An Amusement Park of Math Games


The Houghton-Mifflin Math Website includes lesson reviews and fun games to
practice skills from our text book.


This site will take you to many additional math sites.


Find explanations of mathematical topics, practice problems, and challenging
games organized by topic and grade level.


This site has a variety of math tables.


Quick Math Quiz - Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication - test
yourself with these questions, plus many other options to practice math facts.


A great resources site to work on math facts.


CyberChallenge lets students practice basic math facts by
playing beat-the-clock games.


Math Facts - interactive flash cards online - Use this web page to practice
your addition, subtraction, multiplication (times tables), or division...


This site is full of interactive math activities and drill.


This site allows students to learn math and science as if they has their own personal tutor


This US Department of Education site offers math activities that are meaningful as well as fun. They 
have been designed so your child might see that math is not just work, but rather a part of life.


You can practice your Multiplication Facts here.


I was excited to discover this site over the summer of 2008. Enjoy it!

L Arts Web Page


Practice with capitalization and punctuation.


More practice with capitalization and punctuation,1871,34898-119831-38-47337,00.html


Short Vowel a practice.  This website has you listen for which pictures 
have the short a sound.


This website lets you read stories with short a words.


You can practice high frequency sight words here.


This site is for listening for the short i sound


This site is for reading stories with short i words


This site is building words with short i endings


This site offer fun games with letters and words.


This site also offers fun games with letters and words.


This site will help with grammar skills


Miss Jette's wonderful website let me learn about this terrific site


This site offers a spell check activity.


Reading Comprehension
This site offers articles and stories with questions. It opens in Adobe
Acrobat and can be printed.


Phonics Website


Beginning sound match- Clifford's Sound Match


Beginning sounds,ending sounds, rhymes- BBC's Digby Mole


A phonemic Awareness site- GameGoo


A Vocabulary Development Site


Still another vocabulary development site


A variety of other Language Arts' sites are available in the link below


This interactive database allows you to search for books
that have been leveled using either the Reading Recovery or Guided Reading 


Click on the �Compiled Level Book List� link.

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