A Little Insight into Mrs. Kaz

As many of you may know I bring to this classroom enormous excitement, along with 19 years as an experienced and well-respected Resource Room teacher with the Milford School District. As I reflect back on my years of teaching, I realize how far I have come as an educator. I also realize that no human endeavor is linear. My journey to Meadowside School is taking me in a new direction. I know my destination, and I promise to keep tracking and to keep making little improvements to my daily work. I realize things won't go as quickly and smoothly as I want them to, but over time everything will fall into place.

Personal History and Mission

I received my educational training under a brilliant professor, the late Dr. Isabel Liberman, at the University of Connecticut. Dr. Liberman prepared me to be a diagnostician and an educator. After my praticum at Newington Children's Hospital, I entered the Greenwich Public Schools and completed five wonderful teaching years orchestrating the only Resource Room at The Parkway Elementary School where I serviced all of Parkway's Special Education Students' in grades k-5. I then took a 15 year hiatus to raise my six children. My family includes two sets of twins, plus two singletons; 6 amazing beings. My oldest son has his doctorate in genetics and is a post doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania. Another son is an attorney in Hartford. This son and his wife brought 2 new loves to my life- my first grandson and my second granddaughter. This son's twin works in an amazing manner with adults with special needs, while a brother just 17 months younger works in the water product field in Massachusetts, and recently celebrated the second birthday of my first grand-daughter. He and his wife will be welcoming my fourth grandchild in the end of September. My youngest twins are busy establishing themselves in their respective careers as well. My youngest son is in Massachusetts working in the insurance industry and readying for a June wedding, while his twin is prepping for her boards in Occupational Therapy.  All my children were dubbed "Kaz"; hence my classroom name. The name is also the surname of my mom who was born in Poland.

As I enter my 20th year in Milford, I bring to the students I now service the same enthusiasm and dedication that I embraced when I first taught. My mission statement is simple, "Be the Best You Can Be". It's a mission for me and for my students. The educators I work with and my students will watch as I work hard at my job, and will soon realize that I believe in myself and in them. In turn, my students learn to believe in themselves through the nurturing, inspiring, and challenging environment of the classroom. Each student will grow academically, socially, and personally and they will learn to work as hard as they can to do their personal best.

When you walk into Room 4 you will embrace the surrounding comfort.

It's going to be an exciting year!

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