This year third graders will be using Words Their Way.  Each student will work on word strategies that are specific to what your child needs. Below is a list of extra words that are helpful for third graders to know by the end of the year if you would like your child to have additional practice.  Enjoy!


land, stick, plan, trip, stand, act, thing, last, lift, band, grand, swim, stamp, list, sand, crop, test, clock, spent, drop, left,

sled, plot, spend, west, block, tent, desk, flock, nest, lunch, until, cover, buzz, become, stuff, nothing, dull, month,

study, love, uncle, cuff, none, under, proud, boil, loud, house, join, cloud, sound, voice, oil, round, point, south, found,

soil, ground, crew, loose, news, school, drew, knew, smooth, pool, shoot, threw, roof, fool, chew, balloon, choose

state, close, slide, face, globe, pave, size, smoke, flame, broke, prize, skate, smile, plane, stone, aid, pay, chain, mail,

tray, paint, maybe, plain, lay, main, always, pail, laid, away, paid, sheep, dream, street, east, treat, mean, wheels,

peace, real, cheese, leave, stream, sweet, teacher, heat, night, bright, find, light, wild, high, blind, fight, sight, kind,

sign, knight, mild, right, sigh, snow, load,almost, row, soak, window, foam, most, flow, goat, throw, float, blow, below,

soap, shape, church, watch, father, wrap, check, finish, sharp, mother, write, catch, chase, shall, thick, wrote

change, fence, space, age, center, large, since, price, page, ice, dance, pencil, slice, place, city, shook, flash, speech,

think, strong, cloth, brook, stitch, string, scratch, fresh, spring, switch, stretch, splash, afraid, around, upon, never,

open, animal, ever, about, again, another, couple, awake, over, asleep, above, friend, very, people, your, after, busy,

other, were, should, once, would, sure, little, every, could, draw, cost, dawn, across, belong, cross, soft, crawl, song,

boss, straw, lawn, raw, lost, law, story, wore, north, board, form, corner, warm, score, morning, forget, before, storm,

tore, order, war, word, fur, early, circus, turn, skirt, earth, work, curl, learn, hurt, dirt, earn, shirt, heard, bear, air, fare,

pear, care, their, hair, bare, fair, there, pair, wear, chair, where, hare, way, its, owe, sell, great, sail, cell, scent, oh,

cent, it's, grate, weigh, sale, sent, supper, happen, pepper, kitten, sudden, letter, dinner, cotton, lesson, mitten, bottom,

summer, better, ladder, ribbon, carry, bunny, happy, muddy, berry, furry, puppy, sorry, merry, jelly, hurry, pretty,

cherry, worry, funny, coming, skating, taking, giving, choosing, smiling, baking, sliding, changing, waving, leaving,

making, hoping, trading, having stopped, digging, rubbed, sitting, planned, wrapping, sledding, dropped, scrubbing,

hopped, putting, tripped, swimming,spotted, running he's, what's, don't, I'm, that's, doesn't, there's, she's, isn't, I'll,

won't, here's, didn't, who's, can't, inches, dresses, pies, bushes, classes, apples, colors, drums, branches, things, buses,

benches, tracks, brushes, goose, woman, calf, fish, mouse, leaf, children, geese, calves, leaves, half, child, women,

mice, halves, larger, sadder, widest, sharper, closest, hotter, saddest, redder, reddest, wider, later, largest, closer,

hottest, latest, slowly, mainly, badly, hourly, suddenly, lately, partly, closely, really, lastly, plainly, loudly, shortly,

monthly, softly, herself, nobody, airplane, grandfather, someone, rainbow, anything, grandmother, everything,

afternoon, sunshine, himself, anybody, something, without



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