Borrowing Policy

1. The Meadowside Media Center maintains an open circulation procedure. Students may come at designated times during the day to exchange books as designated by the Librarian. Never while another class is in session. Each teacher has a schedule of available times. They must also have their teacher’s permission to visit the library. Students have time to exchange books during their weekly library lesson.

2. Students may not take out a book until previously checked out books have been returned.

3. If a book is lost or irreparably damaged, students must pay a fee to cover the cost of replacement. Price is determined by the cost of the book. Please make checks payable to Milford Board of Education or cash will be accepted.  The following illustrates the borrowing policy per grade:

Grade 3 and 4: 2 Books/Magazines - total
Grade 5: 3 Books/Magazines - total

Note: A student must take out a book if borrowing a magazine.

Reference books may only be used in the classroom and are not allowed out of Meadowside School without direct approval of the Librarian.  Exceptions may be made to accommodate classroom activities (Reading Buddies, research projects, etc.). All exceptions are made at the discretion of the Librarian. Thank you for your understanding of these rules!

Remember, if you read, your child will follow your example!

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