Cartooning Assignments

Students working on.....

FOLDER 1A (Cartoon Drawings)

1. Grid Drawing of an existing cartoon character.

2. Cartoon drawing of a lion(our mascot)

3. A caracature of a famous person

FOLDER 1B (Cartoon drawings cont.)

4. An in- proportion comic character (ex-superhero, disney prince or princess)

5.The study of the proportions of the face of an in-proportion character.

6. Bring a inanimate oject to life!

Phase 2 Folder (The Tech Credit project)

STEP 1. Create your own original character (animal, human or object) and produce a character study. A full length of the character, three faces with 3 different emotions, name your cartoon.

STEP 2 (The 1-cell cartoon) Produce a 1-cell cartoon of your original character and now add a background environment.

STEP 3 (The multi-cell comic) Create a Sunday style comic using your original character in multiple scenes. Finish by producing a computer generated image on ADOBE PHOTOSHOP. (You now receive the TECH credit for graduation!)

Produce an animation cell of your original character.

Write a "Cartoon Network" essay on your original character

Phase 3 Folder (Commercial Cartooning

Postage Stamp design 


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