Spanish 5 Level 2:


Description of Course:   The Spanish 5 class seeks to enhance students' proficiency in Spanish.  

Since all students have learned the major components of Spanish grammar, grammatical emphasis will be on an "as needed" basis. A variety of learning activities will be utilized in order to develop the four language skills. These include but are not limited to the use of Spanish soap-operas, listening activities from Spanish radio stations, level appropriate readers, oral presentations in Spanish, and the use of technology. Homework assignments as well as active class participation in Spanish are integral parts of this course.

This course will continue to fine-tune students’ skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing while exploring Spain and Latin America. This course also enables students to use previously mastered material on a daily basis as they read and speak about a variety of topics and literature. Students will be assessed using a variety of methods including: oral/aural assignments, presentations, dialogues, short compositions, and other displays. Students are expected to participate using the target language.



Spanish 5 Level 2: Español Esencial (AMSCO Publication)

 In addition, the following ancillary materials may also be utilized: Total Physical Response storytelling materials, novels, short stories, soap operas, and authentic realia such as but not limited to frequent level-appropriate listening activities that correspond to the textbook as well as music , radio announcements, podcasts, SAT II Spanish, and pre-AP CDs, newspapers, magazines, Wiki’s and other online exercises.

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