Grade 8

About Me Collage/Name Plate
Due Monday 3/28/16
Posted Thursday 03/24/16 9:47 AM
Quick Writes 1 - 5 are due March 24, 2016

#1 What are the three components of health? Think of three examples from each component.

#2 Explain how your physical health impacts your mental/emotional and social health. Provide an example to explain your thinking.

#3 How has your personal health triangle changed from last year to this year?

#4 What are the factors that influence your overall health and well being?

#5 What indicates that a person is mentally and emotionally healthy? Provide several examples that support your thinking.

Posted Wednesday 03/23/16 3:07 PM
Welcome Trimester 3 Students!!!
Please use my site as a guide for upcoming projects, rubrics and class announcements!
Posted Friday 12/11/15 12:00 AM
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