Grade 6

Nutrition Label Project

Due Tuesday March 22, 2016 for A day students and Wednesday March 23, 2016 for B day students.

After selecting your nutrition label, using the Nutrition Label worksheet to record your information. In addition to recording information on the worksheet, please provide a detailed explaination in answering the following questions:

•How many calories am I actually eating? Is that number low, medium, or high?
•What nutrients should I limit or get enough of and why?
•What’s relevant about the footnote?
•How can I tell if a %DV is high or low?
•Which nutrients have no %DV?
Posted Thursday 03/17/16 3:11 PM
Nutrition Label
Don't forget your nutrition label for class!!!
Posted Tuesday 03/15/16 2:18 PM
Healthy Breakfast/Snack
Students will bring in their healthy breakfast/snack on Wednesday March 2, 2016 for all "A" day students and Thursday March 3, 2016 for all "B" day students. All morning classes are to bring in a nutrient dense breakfast consisting of four different foods from four of the six food groups (grains, proteins, fruits, vegetables, dairy, oils). Students have been given an index card to list the ingredients and steps to create the breakfast/snack. Students cannot use peanut butter or any nuts for this assignment.
Posted Thursday 02/25/16 1:44 PM
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