Teacher Information

My job is to teach you.  I promise that I will do everything I can to ensure
that you obtain the best understanding of the topics and material that I will
require you to learn.  This means that I will do my best to clear up
misunderstandings in front of the class, or with students individually.
You can expect that I will be fair with all policies that govern your academic
performance, or behavioral issues.

I am not your enemy, I am your teacher.  I want you to succeed in my
classroom.  Nobody wants to be the coach of a losing team, as I do not want
to be the teacher of a failing group of students.  Please approach me if there
is something in the class that you feel is preventing you from getting the
education that you deserve.  I will do everything I can to help you do well in
my classroom if you give in return that same effort.  As a teacher, I will try
to make this class as enjoyable as possible because we are all in this

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