Typed assignments are due on the due date. 

If a student does not have access to a printer, he/she should save the document to a flash drive,

 and print it in the library before homeroom. 


Complete 100 minutes of independent reading each week. Be sure to fill in your reading log completely: date, title of book, minutes read on that day, and a PARENT SIGNATURE.


DAILY HOMEWORK - —If there is not a formal homework assignment, students are expected to review by:

  • completing unfinished classwork

  • reviewing work under your "Ongoing Work" TAB in your three-ring binder

  • creating essential questions when reading based on main ideas, headings and bold words

  • —creating flashcards (review vocabulary and concepts)

  • —rewriting notes

  • —drawing pictures to make connections

  • —creating mnemonic devices

  • —creating a practice quiz

  • —teaching to someone else

  • —making connections between lessons taught in class to current events
  • ask questions:
            • What is _____?
            • Why are/is _____ significant? (important)
            • What is the impact of _____?
            • What led to _____?
            • How is _____similar to/different from _____?
            • What is the connection?

            • How does _____ relate to your different subject areas (intellectual/artistic) and the modern day (real) world?_________________________________________________________________________________

5/12/16 - Review and EDIT your pictochart.  You must be able to expand upon the text and pictorial representations.  

5/2/16 - Finish your Ancient China or Ancient India piktochart presentation.  Use the project assignment sheet as a guide.  


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