Good health practices affect every portion of your life. In health class you will be encouraged to develop a responsibility for making decisions, coping with the pressures of society, and recognizing the consequences of those decisions in relation to your health and well being as well of the well being of the community.

Health Class Expectations

Materials: You are expected to bring to every health class the following items: a health notebook or a separate section in your binder specifically for health work, a folder to collect papers, your covered textbook (no sticky covers), your assignment pad and a pen or pencil. Periodic checks for materials will be done.

Homework: Homework is to be completed as described in the student handbook. For grades 6 and 7 students, there is a grace period of five (5) days, from the due date which work MUST be turned in for full credit. For grade 8 students, the grace period is three (3) days, from the due date. Please review the new grading policy in the Student Handbook for additional information.

Grades: Health is considered an academic subject. Your health grade will affect your honors status and is computed in the following manner:

Tests - 40%

Projects - 30%

Quizzes - 20%

Homework - 10%

Behavior: Each student is expected to behave appropriately and with respect for others so that all students have the opportunity to learn. Students will work diligently throughout the class period. Everyone is expected to do his/her best. Gum and food are not allowed in class. Please respect the personal property of others.

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