Parent Letter

Team 7 Blue


Mr. Hunkele


Course content

During seventh grade science we cover a variety of topics that are part of the state and national science standards. These topics include the cell, the human body and the changing earth’s surface. The students will be given three different texts throughout the year. They are small so there should be no heavy book bag issue.


Class Expectations

There are a variety of different types of assignments and activities we will do. Students should try their best but understand that everyone has different skills and talents and so some assignments may be easier for some students than for others. I try to vary assignments so that all students have chances to shine. Work should be done on time. Daily work is used to reinforce what we are doing in class not doing it on time causes it to lose meaning and value. Projects and other “big assignments” are assigned with plenty of time to complete. Missing deadlines for these will result in the loss of a grade.


Everyone has something to contribute in class. All students are expected to listen to others when they are talking


Students earn their grade. I feel that this is a great time for them to take ownership of their performance. If there is a question about a grade they should come and discuss it. This is great practice for when they get older and that is the way it is to be done. The added benefit in seventh grade is that they can “practice” this skill with you there to help if things do not work the way they had planned. If things still need resolved by all means I expect parents to contact me.


I look forward to getting to know your 7th grader and hope they can have an educational and challenging year.

Grading Policy (approximate weights of types of assignment)

Tests/quizzes                                       30%

Labs                                                    25%

Projects                                               25%

Homework                                          10%

Classwork                                           10%

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