Resource time!


Will my child be pulled from core classes to go to the resource room?

For most students: NO, we do not believe that pulling a child from instruction is an effective way to help them to succeed in the classroom

For some students: it may be necessary to provide a smaller environment to really hone in on the necessary skills the child needs in order to learn to the best of his or her ability.

When is my child pulled to receive services, then?

Resource, Speech, Counseling, OT, PT is generally pulled from the child's humanities classes ( art, gym, music, PE).  The teachers are made aware that your child is going to miss classes due to their IEP needs and will work with your child to determine what, if any, of the material missed they will be responsible for.

Do they have to miss their "fun" classes? 

Hopefully .... NO... but if we need to pull them we do try to work with the child to create a schedule that they can live with and still meets their IEP.

My child is concerned about what other students will think if they are pulled to go to the resource room.

Middle school is awesome in that the bell rings and kids scatter everywhere. Therefore, nobody knows where anybody is going.  If it becomes necessary to pull the students unexpectedly, it is done with the child's best interests and feelings in mind.

Posted Thursday 01/16/14 12:00 AM
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