Class Guidelines/Goals/Grading Policy

Spanish Class Guidelines
Señora Friello
Grade 7 Green

Suggested materials:  One three-ring binder or notebook, a pen/pencil,
assignment pad and a positive attitude toward learning.  Textbooks will remain
in the classroom.

Homework:  At home practice of the new language is essential to reinforce
material covered in class.  You should review vocabulary for ten minutes
daily at home.  Written homework assignments are due neat and complete the
following day unless otherwise notified. 

Grading Policy:  

35% Tests
30% Quizzes
10% Homework
25% Projects (mostly done in class)

Participation:  Participation is extremely important in the world language
classroom. You are expected to speak in Spanish as much as possible with
the teacher and while completing group assignments/projects with your
classmates.  You are expected to follow class procedures and rules at all
times: Respeto, Responsabilidad, Preparado/a, Positivo/a 

Make-up Policy:  Students are responsible for speaking with the teacher
regarding material missed due to absence. All tests/quizzes/homework missed
during an absence should be made up in a timely manner upon student’s return
to school.
You should check my website frequently for homework assignments and
due dates.

Extra Help:  You are encouraged to seek extra help as needed in Spanish.
Appointments can be scheduled after or before school.  Late busses are
available after school.

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