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 Homework will be collected and graded.     Remember to study and review vocabulary every night for at least 10 minutes.

Trimester I
Due Date

Periods 5 and 7 only- Match up pictures with phrases from frases útiles para la clase de español. Write the word/phrase next tothe picture it corresponds with.
Periods 1, 5 and 7 only- QUIZ on frases útiles para la clase de español

Periods 1,5, and 7 only-Come up with a song, rhyme or other method to help you remember the names of the Spanish-speaking countries. Be prepared to share with the class and hand-in your explanation/song/rhyme to me.

Periods 3 and 4- QUIZ on frases útiles para la clase de español
Periods 1,5,7- Finished classwork
Completed classwork due. STUDY "LA CONVERSACIón BáSICA"
Periods 1,5,7- Saludos y despedidas QUIZ
Periods 3 and 4- Saludos y despedidas QUIZ
Numbers practice worksheet
Due 12/10/15-
ALL CLASSES- Practice saying all vocabulary out loud for at least 10 minutes. (el tiempo, días y fechas, etc).
Period 1- Respond to 5 "actividad del día" questions.
15/10/15- 5 Question study guide DUE
ALL CLASSES- UNIT 1 speaking assessment due ( el tiempo project)  and  UNIT 1 TEST
16/12/15- Repaso Questions 1-10 DUE
17/12/15- VOKI speaking project DUE

3/11/15- Finish conjugating verbs.

6/11/15- Quiz on using SER- all classes

4/12/15- Verb Charts cue completed


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