General Overview:

Classwork that is not finished in class becomes homework and is not necessarily posted online, as it is assumed the assignment should have been completed and/or turned in before the student left the room. This work should be completed at home and brought to class the next day.


ABSENCES:****Students who miss school should contact another student in the class to find out about missed work before he/she returns to class the next day. *** If a classmate is unavailable, students should come in before school on the day of his/her return to discuss any missed work with the teacher. ****

****Please Note: CLASSWORK is NOT posted online.****




Every-Night Homework:

- 25 minutes of independent reading each night (Monday-Thursday) or any combination of minutes adding to 100 minutes each week.

- Study any/all flashcards for 10-15 minutes.

Daily Homework Assignments:

(If nothing is listed, it is safe to assume that you have no homework for that night - unless you need to finish classwork!)

If you have trouble with a homework assignment, try it anyway. If you try and end up getting it all wrong, that’s OKAY; I would rather you TRY and get it wrong than not try at all. You can call a classmate for help or come see me in the morning before school.


Period 1/2

 60's Interview project due Friday, December 11th. 

Period 4/5





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