Analogy Practice:  Practice analogies at the following:

  • for free.
  • Internet4Classrooms:

AM or a.m., PM or p.m.: Do I Capitalize AM and PM?

Bibliography/Works Cited Maker: Easybib

Book Cover Maker: Presentation shows effort and it's fun. Make a book cover for your story. Available courtesy of NCTE (National Council of Teachers).

Comics:  Writing Comics:  A site where students can create their own comic strip using a set of characters and their own word bubbles.

Fable:  How to write a fable...slide show

Grammar: English Daily

Grammar: Everything Guide to Grammar and Writing

Grammar: Commas: Save the Comma!

Grammar Practice: Crazy Tales

Grammar: Interactive Quizzes on Everything

Grammar: Sentence Diagramming

Grammar:  The Student's Guide to Grammar and Punctuation

Grammar: Editing Practice

MLA Sample Paper:

Parts of Speech: Daily Grammar Lessons

Parts of Speech: English Zone

Parts of Speech: Fun Brain Games

Parts of Speech: Grammar Bytes

Parts of Speech: Abiator's Interactive English

Parts of Speech Practice: Mad Libs: Tolkien

Parts of Speech: Quizzes

Parts of Speech: Self-study Grammar Practice

Persuasive Essay Lessons

Persuasive Writing Presentation: Endangered Species Clips

Poetry Projects: Can I Have a Word?: Poetry Enrichment

Poetry: 30 Days of Poetry

"Punctuation Guide" . There you can find out how and when to use colon, semicolon, apostrophe, comma, exclamation point, question and quotation marks. 

Read Kiddo Read - James Patterson's website that is a great resource for book reviews. It has suggestions for every reader! Check it out!

Read Write Think Notetaker - Need Help Taking Notes.  Do it online.

Read Write Think Printing Press: Create your own newspaper, brochure, booklet, or flyer. Available courtesy of NCTE (National Council of Teachers Of English.

Rhyme Zone: Need help finding rhyming words. Get it here!

Rubistar: Rubric maker:  Make a rubric here.

Quizlet: Simple free learning tools like flashcards but it's interactive.  Use for any subject!

Similes and Metaphors

Spell It! This site focuses on about 1150 words, divided into sections by language of origin. Studying language of origin will enable you to learn and remember several important rules, tips, and guidelines for successfully spelling words in English—the most challenging language of all for spellers!

Storybird:  students can write, illustrate, and download their own stories. Storybird uses pre-made picture sets to illustrate the stories.

Storyjumper:  students can write, illustrate, and download their own stories. Storyjumper allows students to choose their own scenes, characters, and props. The illustration portion of this site can be time consuming, but it allows for a lot of creativity.

Surveymonkey: students create surveys that can be taken by anyone with Internet access and a computer. A nice digital twist on the paper survey.

Syllable Counter & Word Count: Having trouble with counting syllables for poetry or counting words for your word count. Use this free service to help. Be sure to check off what you want to count.

Typing Help: Peter's Online Typing Course

Typing Help: Typingweb - Learn how to type free!

Typing Help: Free Typing Game - Games to help you practice typing.

Typing Help : BBC - Dance Mat Typing

Typing Help: FunSchool - Games to increase typing speed

Writing Exercise:  Story Starters:


National Geographic/Cengage: 

Parts of Speech: Mad Libs: Social Studies Theme:

Social Studies Text Book Access:

Social Studies Global News:

Social Studies Primary Source Site: Zoom-in:


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