Teacher Information


NAME: Dr. Mary-Ellen Coloski

SCHOOL: West Shore Middle School

CLASS: 7th Grade Science

SCHOOL PHONE: 203-783-3553

About The Teacher

     I have been teaching at West Shore since it became a middle school.  
Believe it or not, it was NOT that long ago!  I have been teaching middle 
school science for a total of 19 years.  Prior to that, I taught middle 
school health in Milford for seven years.  There is more, but this page only 
holds limited space.  Stenciling and stain glass design are two of my 
     I am the legislative chair for Delta Kappa Gamma Society, Alpha Kappa 
State and Zeta Chapter.  We have raised money for the Connecticut Diaper 
Bank, r'Kids adoption agency, Connecticut Food Bank, and many other local 
     I have a Ph.D. from The University of Connecticut because even teachers 
have goals and continue learning and I set that goal for myself when I was a 
teenager.  I believe all students can learn, and I look forward to a great 

Mission For The Class

"No one has the right to interfer with the safety, learning, or well-being 
of another"-The West Shore Middle School MAKE YOUR DAY Rule. 
Learning is taken seriously, and everyone can achieve when the foundation of 
the classroom is based on respect!
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