Each student has an individualized plan for spelling based upon an analysis of a spelling assessment that determines what spelling practices are needed.  Every night they have a 'Sort' to practice and record in their WTW notebooks. Please be sure that your child is completing these sorts. 





Reading Calendar: Read 30 minutes, 20 times during the month, fill in the monthly calendar with  book title and pages read.  On the back of the calendar write a one sentence summary about what your reading each evening.  Finally, have a parent initial the date. This assignment counts as a reading test grade. 

Reading calendars must be checked in with me every Friday! 


September's calendar was sent home on September 1st! 

It was due October 2nd! 

October's Calendar was sent home on October 2, 2017. 

It will be due November 1st! 



September 's Book Report is due October 2, 2017

October's Book Report is due November 1, 2017

November's Book Report is due December 1, 2017



Our Current Unit is Fractions

It is still absolutely essential that your child know their basic multiplication and division facts.  Practice a few facts fixing dinner,  at the dinner table, in the car, before bed, anytime!  Have your student go on XTRA MATH to practice!


All students have been logged on and should be practicing if they do not know their facts consistently. 

 A very helpful website for you to use and your child is:  www.khanacademy.org 

 It explains all mathematical concepts!



Our first writing unit is Memoirs.  They will be writing about a personal experience that is near and dear to their heart. 

There will be writing homework in the writer's notebooks as we progress through our writing units.  



Our current unit is Sun, Moon and Earth. 

Everyone has a nightly moon log that they need to be completing for five weeks.  It only takes a minute or two to sneak a peek at the moon and record its appearance on their log, date it and write what they observed.  They are also responsible for the right side of the log, thinking of questions and seeing if they can find the answers.  The prompts we will be completing in school. 

Below is a site for your child to practice their skills and knowledge for the Connecticut Mastery Test and NWEA for Science. 

 CMT review

Mrs. Cummings will be teaching Social Studies.  Her email contact is : mdelasho@milforded.org


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