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The OHS PTA generously supplied each student with a "Take-Home" folder, a student planner, and a pencil pouch. The folder helps keep track of any notes of communication, homework, and important notices to/from school and home.

Students record their nightly homework assignments in their planners, and should try to get in the habit of referring to the planner before getting started on homework. 

The handy pencil pouches helps to keep students prepared with necessary supplies all in one place as they change classes, going to Writing and Science.

Thanks for the great organizational tools, OHS PTA!!


Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday and consists of Nightly Reading, along with Math, and/or ELA.

All homework needs to be done in PENCIL, and must include first and last name, number, date.

1) Nightly Reading 20+ minutes 

2) Mathintended to reinforce recent lessons, and allows for continued practice of previous lessons/skills, often comes from Math Investigations Student Workbook

3) ELA (English/Language Arts): Reading fiction and non-fiction texts, answering a few questions usually multiple choice and short open-ended responses, gives students the exposure to a variety of texts and the practice they need to continue to grow as readers. This type of practice will also help boost ability to read for purpose and understanding. 


It may take a few weeks or a month, or maybe two, but the goal here is to have children take more of a responsibility for their homework. Children should work independently and to the best of their ability.

Parents/Guardians --- I know some are very used to helping out A LOT during homework time, and please keel in mind we are all working to gradually release certain responsibilities to the children.

A suggestion would be to review and discuss what it is that is to be done for homework by looking in the planner. Then review and discuss any directions presented on the homework. Allow your child to work on it independently, for maybe 30 minutes, or until you hear, "I'm done!" (whichever comes sooner :). Without correcting it, check the work over to see if all directions were followed. Point out what direction was missed and then he or she should go ahead and finish, then put it away in backpack for school the next day. 

However, if you notice that an assignment is taking too long to complete, your child is trying his or her best, but is just getting frustrated --- it's OK to let him or her stop there. Please just write me a quick note, and attach it to the homework. We'll work it out the next day at school. Thank you! 


I GREATLY appreciate your support at home!!!






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