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                                   Always Try Your Best!

Room 27 Expectations

                             BE SAFE, BE RESPECTFUL, BE RESPONSIBLE

Students are expected to follow the class and school rules.

Students are expected to complete homework assignments and have the homework assignment pad signed by a parent each night.

Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday and occasionally on a weekend.

Spelling includes a unit of words each week with a spelling test on Friday. Every 6th unit is a review of previous strategies and there are no new words in a review week.

Math homework will include practice of new or previously studied skills. A Math Investigation Handbook has been sent home with each student to be used as a reference if needed. The Math Handbooks will be returned  at the end of the school year.

There will be a math test upon completion of each unit of study.

There will be Social Studies tests upon the completion of each chapter. Advance notice as well as a review study guide will be given prior to test date.

Science units include hands on activities and experiments done in class. Students record their results. A test is given upon the completion of the unit.

Our daily reading includes shared, guided and independent work

We will be developing our writing skills through literature with a focus on incorporating elaborative details and great vocabulary into story writing.

Other important info...

Students are welcome to celebrate their birthdays, however no food treats due to the district food policy. 

Class Trips - We will have an in-house field trip for our Rocks and Minerals unit and a trip to a New Haven Symphony performance has been scheduled for later in the year. More info will come regarding any other field trips.

If your child is absent please report the absence to the office. A folder of missed work will be kept and you can request it to be sent home with a friend or sibling or your child can get the work when they return to school.

If there are any changes to the dismissal routine for your child please send a written note on that day.

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