Homework is given Monday through Thurday and should take approximately twenty-five minutes.There is usually no homework on Fridays.The purpose of homework is to reinforce skills taught at school and to teach the students responsibility. Children should know that you see the importance of homework and expect them to complete their assignments on time. Homework is usually checked daily. If an assignment is not handed in, a reminder note will be sent home with the missing assignment listed. The child will need to bring the reminder note back to school the following day along with the missing assignment. For extenuating circumstances, a note from a parent or guardian is required.

The children should always be encouraged to read for additional time or practice their math facts. Beginning in January, the students may do one session of Fastt Math each day at home. They children may also utilize the student links as a way to extend their learning. The children are welcome to share any additional work they do with their classmates.


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