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Discipline Policy

Classroom Rules/Discipline Policy
I believe that we are a classroom community and it is important to have 
rules and guidelines. 

Classroom Rules:
1.	Listen carefully.
2.	Play and work safely.
3.	Use indoor voices.
4.	Respect others. Be kind with your words and actions.
5.	Respect school and personal property.
6.	Be prepared.
7.	Try your best at all times!

If a child chooses to break our rules and/or prevent optimum learning for 
others, I have set up a “Stoplight Policy”: green is great, yellow is a 
warning and red is a note home. Children are encouraged to Be Green! Green 
is Great! 

School Policies and Procedures:
1.  Lunch can be purchased daily.  Please direct any questions regarding 
purchasing lunch to the cafeteria. 

2.  We will have a short nutritional snack in the morning.  Juice boxes are 
allowed.  NO CANDY or SODA.  Please identify the snack and what your child 
should eat, as children sometimes confuse snack with lunch.  As we are 
concerned about good nutrition, please make every effort to enclose a 
healthy snack.  Children are allowed to purchase snack/milk from the 

3.  A note is required when your child returns to school after an absence, 
even if you've called the school. 

4.  A note must be sent to indicate if your child is to go home with another 
child or parent, grandparent, or if he/she is to walk home instead of taking 
the bus.  Your child's safety is of primary concern. 

5.  A note must be sent if your child is to leave school before the regular 
dismissal time. 

6.  Children should line up at their classroom door each day. 

7.  NO stuffed animals, dolls, toys, or trading cards of any kind are 

8.  Children are encouraged to bring books from home to keep in their desk 
so that they may read them in class during free time. (2 new books each 

9.  Each child will recieve an Orange Avenue "Take-Home" folder.  This folder 
will help organize papers for parents and papers for children.  This folder 
is to come to school with your child every day. 

10.  All money must come to school in an envelope or Ziploc bag labeled with 
the activity, child's name and room number (D4). 

11.  Please help your child get to school on time.  Have him/her get 
everything ready the night before.  Remember, 3 tardies =  1 absence. 

12.  All parents or guardians are required to sign in at the office when 
entering the school for any reason and receive a visitor's tag.


Birthdays are always fun! If your child is having a birthday party, I realize they may want to hand 
out invitations.  If your child is going to hand out the invitations in school, they must be for the 
entire class or for just all of the girls or just all of the boys.  This will avoid hurting any of the 
children's feelings. Thank you for your consideration on this matter.


Throughout the year I will need parent volunteers for field trips and
class activities. I will let you know when help is needed. Thank you.

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