Homework is a very important aspect of your child’s education. Homework is 
given to reinforce concepts learned in school. Homework also teaches your 
child to be responsible. Assignments will be given on Monday, Tuesday, 
Wednesday, and Thursday nights. There will be no homework over the weekend. 
There will be times when your child will have a special project due which will be announced 
in advance. 

Your child will be expected to read each night from a fiction
or non-fiction book and complete a reading log. The book may be read in one night or have 
chapters and be read over a period of nights. Frequent reading increases a child’s skills 
and fluency; therefore the book selected should not be too easy or difficult 
for your child to read independently. He/she may read alone or to someone else. 

The students are responsible for writing down their assignments and returning
the completed work the following day.  An assignment notebook has been provided to each child 
compliments of the OAS PTA. Students are expected to hand homework in on the 
correct due date. Most homework will be due the next day. At times, 
situations might occur that will make completion of homework not possible. I 
understand this. If a situation occurs where your child is unable to complete 
the homework, please send a note in explaining the circumstances. Your child 
will be able to complete the assignment, along with any new homework, the 
following day. I would also be interested if your child is having difficulty 
doing the homework. This will help me determine if the concept taught in 
school needs to be reviewed. Please sign or initial your child's assignment pad each night so that I know 
that you have checked your child's work and you are satisfied that it reflects his/her best efforts.

Homework should be done independently, and parents can check the work once
it's completed.  Children are encouraged to check their work carefully to
correct mistakes. Homework is not meant to cause frustration!  Should this
happen, parents may stop the work and write a short note right on the
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