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Things To Remember

Below, you will find pertinent information about First Grade and school procedures:

Parent/Teacher Communication:

Parents and teacher communication is so important for maxim school success.  Please remember to send your child's "Take Home Folder" to and from school each day, send any pertinent corrospondance in the folder. You can also call the school office and leave a message at 783-3566.  Feel free to email me anytime at  I will get back to you as soon as possible. Conferences will be held in October and March.  I will also be available to conference with you regarding your child's progress or any concerns you have by appointments, either before school or after school.


Occasionally your child will need to bring money to school (for lunch, book fair, field trips, etc.)   When you send money to school please place it in either a sealed envelope or a ziplock bag.  Please include the following on the front; Child's name, purpose (lunch), teacher's name and room #.


Daily attendance records are kept at school.  Please call the school office before school begins if your child will not be in 783-3537.  Upon you child's return, please send in a note explaining the absence.  If a parent knows in advanced that a child will be absent, a written note should be presented prior to the absence.  In all circumstances, a written note must be submitted even if the absence has been explained over the phone.  Please refer to the Absentee Policy in your school handbook if further information is needed.

Change in transportation:

If there will be a change in how your child will be going home or a different person picking your child up, you must send in a written note.  If I do not have a written note, I will send your child home by his/her usual mode of transportation.


Dismissal begins at 3:35.  First Grade walkers will be picked up outside "Door 5", the door to the far left of the building while facing the school.  Children who ride the bus will be called one at a time via an announcement from the office and exit outside the "Gym Door/Door 4".  The YMCA Afterschool Program students will meet in the gym. 

Toys from Home:

Bringing most toys from home is discouraged for many reasons. Toys that encourage violence are strictly prohibited. However, when the long winter months arrive and our class can not go outside for recess, your child can bring some toys in to use during inside recess.  Some examples of acceptable toys for inside recess are Beanie-Boo's,  fancy markers, Legos and the like. Please do not send in any items that your child would be terribly upset if they lost. 





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