Important Things To Know

Communication:   Parent teacher communication is vital for maximum school success.  I will communicate with you through notes, phone calls, newsletters and conferences.  Our class news page on our website is updated weekly.  If you have questions or concerns, please send in a note or leave a message in the school office.  For general questions, my email is  I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Conferences can be arranged by appointment.

School hours:  8:40 a.m.-3:25 p.m.  If your child arrives at school after 8:20, they should stop at the office for a late pass.

Dismissal:  If you need to change your child's usual method of dismissal, please send in a written note, or call the school.  If we do not receive a note or a phone call, we need to send your child home in their usual manner.  Please note that I may not have time to check my email during the school day, so it is better to call the school with dismissal changes.  

Snack-  The children will have a mid-morning snack each day.  Children may purchase a snack from the snack cart or bring a healthy snack from home.  For safety reasons, please do not send any food/drinks in glass containers.  Please also note that all classrooms at Orange Avenue are "nut-free environments."  As such, please do not send any foods containing nuts or nut by-products.  

Lunch-  The children will eat lunch each day from 11:55-12:25.  They may bring their own lunch, or purchase one from the cafeteria.  If you have any questions about your child's lunch account, please contact the cafeteria manager directly.  

Money:  On occasion, it may be necessary for your child to bring money to school.  When sending money to school, please place it in a sealed envelope.  Please include the following information on the front of the envelope:  Your child's first and last name, the purpose of the money (lunch, Book Fair, etc.), and our room number, A-10.

Supplies:  I will provide the children with basic supplies, such as crayon, paper and pencils.  The PTA usually provides take home folders.  Children are invited (but not required) to bring additional supplies, such as markers or colored pencils.

Take home folder:  Your child's take home folder is the "lifeline" between home and school.  Please check this folder each night, and return it to school every day.  Papers that you find on the "Bring Right Back" side of the folder should be returned to school as soon as possible.  Please put these things, as well as any notes for me, lunch money, etc. in this folder when you return them to school on the next day.

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