Reading Spelling Math
Students in Room 23 will be given homework Monday - Thursday evenings.  
Homework is not meant to be a chore, but is meant to provide opportunities 
for your child to practice, review and learn important fifth grade 

Normally, homework will consist of a math worksheet and a spelling practice 
activity, and both assignments will be due the next day.  Also, your child 
should read for at least 20 minutes every day.  Monthly book reports will be 
assigned as well as some long-term projects that will need to be completed 
in addition to regular homework assignments.  Rubrics, timelines and 
handouts will be provided for these projects.  

Completing homework and being prepared for school are important to building 
a child's sense of responsibility.  Each day your child will be given the 
opportunity to write down the homework assignments in their homework 
assignment planner.  I ask that you check your child's planner every day so 
that you are informed and aware of homework.  I am requesting that your 
child write the name of the book and the number of pages they read at home 
in their planner and that you sign that the reading was completed.

I truly appreciate your support and cooperation in this effort.  It is 
expected that the homework be done neatly and accurately.  It should also be 
brought in on time to receive full credit.  Working together, we can 
help your child to become a well-organized, responsible student.

***Please refer to my Reading site for monthly book report information.  
Daily assignments will NOT be listed on this site.***


Reading Homework:

Each student is expected to read for 20 minutes every night.  They will 
record the book they read and the number of pages in their homework 
assignment notebook and get a parent to sign it.

A monthly book report will be assigned around the first of each month to be 
completed by the end of the month.  All information needed to complete the 
task will be given to each student.  Rubrics, timelines and handouts will be 
provided for these projects.  I will update this site with timeline information 
for those projects for your review.
Book Report - Fiction - Historical Fiction
Due Dates:
Book Approved - 2/2
Book Finished - 2/16
Project Due - 2/28


Spelling Homework:

Each day my students will complete a spelling practice activity.

Monday - Copy the Word and ABC Order 
Tuesday - Write all spelling words in complete sentences
Wednesday/Thursday - Copy the Word and Antonym/Synonym 


Math homework:

Each day my students will complete a math worksheet corresponding to the 
lesson that day.  They should also practice their multiplication/division facts as 
often as possible.
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