Homework Policy

Students will write their homework in their assignment pads on a daily basis.  Please check this resource and initial every day after they have read.  


Read for at least 20 minutes every night Monday through Thursday and 

once on the weekend.  Log your reading.



Homework Policy - Grade 4 - Room 18

Homework is assigned every night.  I will only give homework on the weekend if your child did not complete work in class.  All homework is posted on the white board.  Your child is directed to copy it into their student planners.  They are given time in class to complete this task.  I will not check their assignment pads to assure they have written things down – IT IS THEIR RESPONSIBILITY.  I ask that parents check the planners nightly, make sure their child has completed everything on the list, and then sign their name.  A parent signature tells me that you have checked that their work is done and in the backpack, ready to come back to school.  The purpose of this is to teach the children organization.

Students are required to read at least 20 minutes every night Monday through Thursday and once on the weekend.    Parents, please check that this has been recorded before signing the planners.  



Homework is due the following day unless otherwise specified.  We will be going over the homework in class, so it is very important that your child brings it back to school.  Long-term projects will be assigned a due date.

Students in 4th grade should be spending about 40 minutes each night on homework.  If your child is struggling with homework and it is taking too long, please let me know and we can readjust the workload. 

I will send papers and tests home for you to peruse and sign (some).  They will be stamped, asking for your signature.  I want you to be aware of the work your child is producing. I look forward to working together with you to help your child reach his/her potential.


Homework effort will be reflected on report cards.

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