3rd Grade Expectations

  Meadowside School Rules:


  Be Respectful

  Be Responsible

  Be Safe

We use a progressive behavior chart to monitor and encourage positive behavior in the classroom and around the school.

This chart allows students to manage their own behavior with the choices they make throughout the day. 

Each student begins the day in the middle of the chart on green.

Students have the opportunity to move up the chart through the colors blue, purple, and pink.  As students move up they receive rewards to encourage positive behavior.

When poor choices continue to be made after warnings, students will move down the chart through the colors yellow, orange, and red.  Consequences will be determined on an individual basis according to severity and consistency of the behavior. 

To keep the lines of communication open, students will use the assignment pad to tell you the color they ended the day on.  The assignment pad will be updated daily by each student.  While signing off that your child did his/her reading in the assignment pad that night you should take a peek to see what color they were on that day. 



H- Honesty






These are the 5 things Meadowside teachers and staff are always looking for in each student.

These attributes should be shown even when someone is ‘not looking’.


Students have the opportunity to earn HEART stickers throughout the day and be randomly recognized a the end of the week for their outstanding behavior to others in our school community.


Each month a student from each classroom will also be chosen who deserves the HEART award for the classroom. This student will be recognized during a school wide assembly.

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