Math Games

Multiplication Fact quizes - test your knowledge on facts to 9
Multiplication games- practice your multiplication facts
Dinosaur Train -practice your measurement skills
Division using the "chunking" method
Division- YouTube video on chunking
 Fun Math Games -Practice your addition, subtraction,multiplication, or division skills with fun and challenging games
Story Problems - practice solving story problems
Logic Problems - test your logic, but don't give up too soon!
Geometry, Arithmetic and Logic- more fun math games!

Science Games

Click on the link below to play some fun science games.

Science Games

Spelling Games

Spelling games- games and activities that go along with our spelling curriculum

Geography Activities


Geography Games

US Geography Game
Know your States~ this is a challenge!
Find the state~ drag the name to the state (you are being timed!)
State Capitals~ do you really know your state capitals?
State Capitals~ (multiple choice answers)

Earth, Moon, Sun

Enjoy these websites as you learn about the moon!

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