We will do Fundations and Math-Investigations homework.

I realize that all children develop at different paces and I will
accept whatever they are able to do at this time. If they can only circle a
letter (like find all the g's) then do that. If they are ready for more and
you ever need more challenging work, let me know. Always have your child
write their name on EVERY paper and COLOR EVERY paper.

1. Your child should practice their address and telephone number!!!

2. READ daily!!!

3. Incorporate writing into your child's days!!!!

***Every Monday (Monkey Monday), Curious George will visit and ask the
children to tell about their weekend adventures. He is very curious!

Children should read or be read to EVERY DAY!!!
Research shows that home reading is directly connected to school success!

Written homework can be done as a family. Encourage your child to do as much
of the work as he/she can. This leads to true learning and pride in their
own accomplishments. Meet your child where they are and encourage them to
take the next step. They can do it! Believe in them!

I will send homework home on Mondays and it will be due back by Friday. If
homework is done earlier it can be brought in. If it is not done by that
Friday, I still expect it to be handed in.

The handwriting pages should only have 5 CAPITALS and 6 lowercase letters
written well. The word searches are a challenging choice. Your child does
not need to do the word search unless they are ready, but they all can color
the items and “read” the items.

+ Objectives for homework include:
*that families prioritize and value learning.
*connect that learning takes place at home & in the World, not just in
*be responsible in taking home, doing, and returning homework.
*pace themselves and plan ahead in order to do a little work each night and
do it well.
*write their name the “school way” on ALL of their papers.
*color in ALL of their papers to make their work look complete and cared
*to build fine motor skills.
*to learn the letter, the sound it makes, & words that begin with that sound.
*to reinforce skills we are learning in school.
*most importantly, LOVE learning as they enjoy homework!

Please be excited AND relaxed about homework. Your child will follow your
lead. This should be a positive part of your Kindergartner’s school
experience. If anything is ever truly too much, JUST SKIP it. I want your
child to develop good work habits and a positive attitude toward learning.
Keep me informed as to how your child is handling their homework. Enjoy the
homework! Remember, it is just as much work for me as it is for you!

Above all, have fun!!!

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