Room Twenty's Homework Policy

Children will usually be given homework nightly Monday-Thursday.

In general, students will be given one written assignment per night (Monday-Thursday).

Reading is the MOST important homework for a child!  Children are free to read magazines, books from home or books 

from the library UNLESS they have a reading assignment from their reading group teacher.

Please check over written homework to ensure that directions were followed and your child wrote their name and date on top.

Students should read for at least 15 minutes daily.  Their written homework shouldn’t exceed 15 minutes.  If your child gives you a hard time about completing their homework, set a timer for 15 minutes and have them stop when the timer goes off.  Write a little note on the top that says “15 minutes worth of homework”.  I will speak with the child the next day and try to figure out what was going on:
Was the homework too difficult?
Did they not understand the directions?
Were they tired or in a grumpy mood?
Were they focused on something else (upcoming soccer practice, wanting to watch Hannah Montana etc.)?


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