The school will supply the items most needed during our school day, but I know how exciting it can be for the children to pick out a few supplies of their own in anticipation of a new school year.

Here is a list of possible suggestions if the children are out shopping.  Remember, you are under no obligation to provide classroom supplies.

1.  A pencil box is very useful for helping the children organize the materials in their desks.  They are cheap to buy and a very good investment for the money.

2.  The school does provide scissors, crayons, and glue sticks, but sometimes the children like to have their own.

3. If buying pencils, please try to avoid the fancy ones.  They don't sharpen well.  It is better to stick with the good old yellow # 2 pencils.  The Dixon Ticonderoga pencils are the absolute best!  (Please do not send in too many pencils at one time.)

4.  If possible, please consider donating a box of tissues to our classroom.  As the year progresses the children go through an awful lot of them.

5.  A big eraser comes in handy and is much better than the little ones that fit on the end of the pencil.

6.  If buying crayons, a box of 48 or less is fine.

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