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Classroom Rules:


Welcome to K1!  The year is off to a wonderful start!  The children are happy and settling into daily routines.  Following is some basic information about our classroom.

Class Rules:  (Written by K1--September, 2012)

1. Raise your hand.

2. Keep your body to yourself.

3. Talk nicely to everyone.

4. Be good listeners.

5. Walk in the classroom.

6. Take care of yourself, each other and our school.

Children who have difficulty remembering the rules get a gentle reminder of the rule they need to remember.  If the child continues to have difficulty remembering the rule they are given three more chances, which are counted aloud for them.  If the child gets to 3, they are sent to the thinking chair for a 5 minute time-out.  After this, they rejoin the group.


We are working hard on learning to share, cooperate and take turns.   We are trying hard to use our inside voices.  Kindergarten is a very fun and exciting place.


The focus of our classroom is on building a caring community and a love of learning which the children can carry with them for the rest of their years in school.  

School Supplies:

Parents often ask which supplies their child needs for kindergarten.  Your child will need the following:

--a backpack

--a lunchbox

--a container for their snack

The school provides all other needed materials--such as crayons, pencils, markers and paper.  The chidlren are often eager to have their own special school supplies!  You can keep these in a special place at home and use them for homework and school games.


If you are interested in donating items to the classroom, the following items are always appreciated:


--scraps of material, felt, old ribbons, etc., for craft projects


--rubber stamps and ink pads (washable)

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