Second Grade Homework Guidelines

 I truly value homework because it gives students the opportunity to practice important skills at home, and it also provides you an opportunity to be involved in your child’s learning and education.  These are the expectations for homework in second grade.


Per district policy, second grade students should be given an average of 30-60 minutes of homework per week, which is in addition to independent reading.  The 30-60 minutes per week will often be Math Investigations assignments or math fluency practice.  Students may also be given work on an individualized basis to address their particular needs (such as spelling words/trick word practice).  For independent reading at home, second graders should read for a minimum of 10-15 minutes daily. I will send home a monthly Reading At Home Log, where your child can log the titles of the books he/she is reading at home.   


Second grade students will also be given occasional at-home projects.  Special projects will be assigned with a reasonable amount of time to complete them.  They will have specific directions, expectations, and a due date.  Project work will be considered in the 30-60 minutes of work per week.


If your child is struggling with any assigned work, please have them stop and write me a short note about what was confusing them.  I do not want children frustrated with homework.  If I know something is challenging for them, I can address it in school to help them better understand the work. 


If you have any questions about homework as the year goes on, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you for being so supportive, and for your willingness to work in partnership with me to educate your children. 



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