School Hours

Full Day Hours  8:20 - 3:05

Please take note of the above hours. It is very important that no child be dropped off before 8:15. All Kindergarten children are to line up in the Kindergarten hallway.

It is important that parents pick up their children at the appointed time to avoid anxiety and confusion. If there is to be a delay, please notify the school - 203-783-3568, this gives your child's teacher the opportunity to explain to your child.

Half Day of School Hours

Half Day Hours         8:20 - 1:05

On half days, the children will still have snack and lunch.


Daily attendance records are kept at school. Please call the office before school begins if your child will not be in - 203-783-3568.  Upon return, a note must be provided. The note should explain the reason for the absence and include the following information:

1) Date of absence, 2) full name of child, 3) specific reason for absence. If a parent knows in advance that a child will be absent, a written note should be presented prior to the absence. In all circumstances, a written note must be submitted even if the absence has been explained by a phone call. It is strongly suggested that medical, dental and other appointments be made only after school hours.

Parent Drop Off

The Parent Drop Off is used to drop off students only. Please do not park there. You may drive into the parent lot, if you wish to walk your child to the door.

Student Pick-Up Policy

Please complete the Pick-Up Form and return the first day of school. We need the full names and telephone numbers of any persons who may pick up your child. If there are any changes in your primary persons, please notify me by sending in a note or by calling the office. This is for your child's safety. Notes are an important way for us to communicate to each other since we do not have daily contact. If your child is to be picked up by someone not included on this form a note or a phone call is required. If your child is a bus student and you plan to pick his/her up a note is required, otherwise they go home on the bus. Students are not allowed to take a different bus home or get off at a different stop. If you have an emergency situation, please call the school office before the buses depart.

Walker Dismissal

At 3:05 walkers will be dismissed out the side door nearest the playground (door #2) to their parent or pick up person designated by the parent(s) to pick up their child.  Please have your ID ready. Please fill out the Pick-Up Form to insure your child's safety.

Bus Children            

If you plan on picking up your child from school and don't want him/her to get on the bus, a note or a phone call is required; otherwise the child will go home on the bus as he/she usually does.

Snack and Lunch    

Snacks and lunch can be brought from home or purchased at school. Please try to provide well-balanced foods, which are nutritional. A washcloth or a small dishtowel could be included in your child's lunch box to be used as a placemat. For your child's safety, please do not send in glass bottles, cans of juice or soda and metal pull top fruit cups or pudding. Snack time is just for a snack. Breakfast should be eaten at home. On delayed openings please have your child eat a snack before coming to school because there is no snack on delays. If your child has any allergies, please send in your child’s teacher a note. To make it easier for your child to distinguish between their snack and lunch we are requesting that you pack their snack in a brown paper bag marked “snack” and their lunch in a lunch box/bag.

Milk Money and Lunch Money 

Milford Public Schools use a computerized program where all students have an account ready to be used for the purchase of lunches and snacks. All elementary students are given a bar-coded card with neck straps to access their account at the serving line. Each child will be issued a Personal Identification Number that each child will memorize and enter at the serving line.

This method allows the school to accept payments to purchase meals and snack in advance. Parents are asked to deposit money for meals and/or snack into their children's account each week. Parents are also able to pay for school lunches using a credit card and checking account through the website It is helpful to the kitchen staff if you are able to make a lump sum payment (example $10.00) but you may still pay daily for milk, lunch and snack. The cash will remain in your child’s account until it is used. As an added incentive, you can benefit from a $100.00 deposit but depositing $100.00 you receive a $10.00 bonus on one account.

Deposits are done in four ways:

1. LUNCHES ONLY – Money deposited in lunch only cannot be used for any other purpose.

2. LUNCHES and A LA CARTE – You may want to divide the deposit between lunches and ice cream, and milk money (a la account). This allows you to control the amount of money your child spends on lunches, milk, and ice cream.

3. A LA CARTE – Putting your entire deposit into an a la carte account entitles the child to purchase both lunches and snacks.

4. SNACKS ONLY – Money deposited in snack only cannot be used for any other purpose. If you send money with your child, please complete a deposit slip to ensure it is credited to the correct account or label the envelope with your child's first and last name and account number. Checks should be made payable to John F. Kennedy School Food Services. If you have any questions, please call the Food Services Office at 203-783-3500.

Milford Food Services Site -

Payment Information-

Available on the Monthly Menu:


Name: ____________________  Room #: _________

Account Cash $______________________________

Lunches $ __________________________________

Breakfast $ ________________________________

Total Payment _______________________________

Make Checks Payable to:

Milford School Food Services - Please put your child's name on your check.

My Lunch Money Web Page

Parents are able to pay for school lunches using a credit card and check account balances through the website:

To get started, all you need is your child's name, grade and full student ID number, and birth date.

Click on - School Search - Type in our zip code - 06460

Click on Search

Click on - John F. Kennedy Elementary

Click on - Continue

You will have to enroll. To enroll you must have your child's student ID number. Ask your child's teacher or call 203-783-3500 for their ID number.

When Money is Sent to School

Please place any money and any additional information in an envelope with your child's name on it.  Also, indicate amount enclosed, what the money is for and any special instructions.


This procedure should always be followed when money is sent to school.

Child's Name

Amount Enclosed

What the Money is For?

Any Special Instructions


All children should have a large backpack with a folder for notices.  Please do not attach anything to your child's backpack such as beany babies or key chains. This is for their safety. These items could catch on something and cause an injury. When labeling your child's backpack or lunch box, please write their names on the inside. This way no one can call them by name.


Children should wear simple, washable clothes to school. Children are encouraged to participate in activities that may cause clothing to become soiled. Please discourage children from wearing flip-flops, slip on shoes/sandals or "jelly" shoes. It is very difficult to play games wearing those types of shoes.

**Please provide a seasonal change of clothes in your child’s backpack in a plastic bag for accidents or spills.**

When a child wears boots during cold or rainy weather, a pair of shoes should be brought to change into.

Sneakers should be worn on gym days (or rubber soled shoes). The day to be announced by your child’s teacher once school begins.

For your child's safety please remove all ties and strings from your child's coats and sweat shirts. The ties could catch on the playground equipment or bus handrails.

Birthday Celebrations    

Birthdays are important to all of us but especially to a young child. It is an occasion that they like to share with school friends. Your child is welcome to celebrate his/her birthday at school. Parents may send in something special for their birthday.  We are a food free school, you can send in a non-food treat such as pencils, erasers, or donate a book to the classroom.

For celebrations that are held outside of the classroom, we would prefer you not send in invitations to be handed out by the children. This often creates a feeling of being left out for those children who are not invited. Please take care of those invitations outside of school. The school office or your child’s teacher cannot give addresses for invitations to you without your permission. If you would like your name, address and telephone number included on this list, please return the class list form by September 13. We will send home a copy of your child's class list by the end of September.

Summer birthdays will be celebrated at the end of the school year. We will send home a schedule in May.

Toys From Home 

Bringing toys to school is discouraged for a number of reasons. If a toy is accidentally lost or broken, feelings will be hurt. Books are acceptable because many children can use them at once. If you do send in books, please make sure they are clearly marked with your child's name.

Gifts For The Classroom

During holidays and special occasions some families feel the need to give gifts to the teacher. This is appreciated but not necessary. In the past we have asked that a gift be given for the classroom instead of the teacher. This way the whole class will benefit.

Art Class 

Please wear something that is washable.

Gym Class 

All children are to wear sneakers or rubber soled shoes for gym. The girls should not wear dresses.

Friendly Reminder

If you have any concerns, comments or questions, please bring them to your child's teacher's attention. Good communication between teacher and parents is welcomed and encouraged. Please send a note or call the office to arrange for a conference by phone or in person. We will be sending home regular communicates informing you of our planned activities.

Inclement Weather Tips and Procedures 

The inclement weather procedures:

The decision to alter/cancel the school day is made when the health and/or safety of students and staff is in jeopardy. In the event of serious impending inclement weather, school system administrator’s work with members of the Milford Police Department and the Public Works Department to determine if a change in the normal school schedule is necessary.

When School is Cancelled or Delayed

The decision to cancel or delay school will be made by 5:15 a.m. Announcements are made in a variety of ways, via television, radio, and Internet listings.

Early Dismissal: Bad Weather Expected Later in the Day

When bad weather descends upon us once school is in session, school administrators may decide to close the schools early. That decision must be announced no later than 10:00 a.m., in order to deploy buses and change cafeteria schedules.

If There is a 90-Minute Morning Delay

Buses will pick up students exactly 1 ½ hours later than their regular pick up times. Dismissal will be at their normal times. The notification process is described above. Please do not call the school office to check one of the places listed below:


Where to get the news about cancellations and delays:




WTNH-TV (Ch. 8)

WVIT-TV (Ch. 30)

NEWS 12 (Cablevision)

WFSB-TV (Ch. 3)



WPLR (99.1 FM)

WEBE (108 FM)

WICC (60 AM)

WEZN (99.9 FM)





Go to - Announcements and official notices


Delayed School Opening

When school opening is delayed, students report to school

1 1/2 hour (90 minutes) later than the regular starting time. Reminder there is no snack on delayed openings.



In the event of a delayed opening, the children will attend school – 9:50 - 3:05.

Dismissal for all students will be at the regular times.

Early Dismissal - (Storm Days)

Early schools 8:20 a.m. - 1:05 p.m.

Extraordinary weather conditions may result in changes in the times for early closings.



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