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Daily Subjects and Events

The children are learning through exploring, centers, and whole group activities. 
Students who have mastered skills will be offered opportunities to develop new skills.
Here are some of the skills and concepts they will be taught.

*Math Workshop: Students will learn about counting, recording information, 
graphing, sorting, numbers between, place value, problem solving 
addition and subtraction. JFK Kindergarten will be using a hands on math 
program called Math Investigations. We will learn addition and subtraction facts to 5.

*Fundations Phonics: This is a phonics program students will be taught to 
help learn letter names, sounds, correct letter formation, spelling, and 
phonemic awareness.

*Writing: The children will learn how to become a writer through 
units of study: Weekend News, Letter books, lists and labels, how-to, and opinion  

*Reading:  Children read independently once they have settled in and choose a book to take home.  
We complete Fun papers while small group work can be done. We use Interactive Read alouds to focus 
on story elements: setting, characters, problem 
and solution. Try discussing these with your child when reading a library 
book. We will work on sequencing: first, next, last.  In January, we 
will be doing Guided Reading picking books that are appropriate for each 
child. The children learn reading strategies such as, picture clues and word 
chunks. We will be using a program called "Good Readers Great Habits". The 
children will be taught to memorize these 26 high-frequency words:
like, see, it, come, up,  we, can, go, look, at, here, is, me, my, am, 
and to, this, in, on, of, I, a, was, of, said.
 I have added some sight words and will send that list home. 
*Science: 20 minute lessons several times a week over the course of the school year. There are 3 units: Push and Pull, Weather, Animals and Living Things
*Computer lab: We will visit the computer lab three times a week. Each 
session will be for about a 20 minutes to use a literacy program called Lexia.

 Other important times of the day...
*Quiet Time: The children listen to a story on Tumblebooks or listen to quiet relaxing music while they rest for 20 
minutes. It is right after lunch.

*Recess: A 25 minute recess occurs at the playground. Rainy day 
recess is board games or floor puzzles. In the event it is 32 degrees or colder
we will have indoor recess.

*Afternoon choice time: 30-35 minutes. 
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