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Learning Activities

Home Practice Folder: Your child will have a plastic home practice folder.  Set a timer for 10 minutes.  Please sign the sheet and check off what you are able to do. Please leave it in the folder. Try to do the following:

*a take home reader 

*practice a skill using the materials in the folder

*OPTIONAL: a calendar of activities for each month



Other activities you can try are:

*Use sidewalk chalk to have your child practice writing their first and last name with the first letter being uppercase and the rest lowercase.

*Use a magnadoodle to help your child draw simple pictures such as people, animals, houses, weather scenes, flowers, or trees. Encourage them to close their eyes first and picture it and use their imagination!

*Draw a shape and ask your child to turn it into something: a square can become a house, by adding a roof, door, window, landscape.

*Rhyme time: Make up rhyming words together. (ex. Cake rhymes with bake rhymes with take, etc)

*I Spy: Pick a letter sound and look around for the object that begins with that letter. I spy something that begins with /r/ and you put food in it.

*Grocery Store Learning: When shopping with your child, ask what letters certain fruits and veggies begin with: What does peach begin with? /p/. Use descriptive words when choosing foods (long, orange, crunchy carrot). Play rhyming games allowing your child to fill in the rhyming word (it rhymes with wilk, let's get some milk).

*Visit the Milford Library and help your child get a library card. Try to make Saturday your family's "Library Day' and visit the library to read some books. Don't forget to check out non-fiction books, too.

*Environmental Print: Look through the Sunday fliers in your newspaper. See how many words, brand names, store names, toy words, DVD labels your child can read.

*Storytelling: Allow your child to use a simple board book or picture book to tell a story using only the pictures. See how many details they use in the story. Are they getting the idea of the story by using the pictures?

*Labeling: Try labeling commonly used objects in your house, For example, use index cards to write words such as, refrigerator, door, television, toy box, etc. Try just doing 5 words and then label 5 different things.

Remember to read to your child each night. There are many activities you can do with a book that take about 5 minutes but make a HUGE impact! Try one of these each night:

*Ask them to tell you about the setting - where and when the story takes place.

*Use "wh" questions like Who? What? Where? Why? When?

*Talk about the characters. Which one do you like and why?

*Ask them if the setting or characters remind them of anything (making a connection)

*Ask them if there was a problem and how was it solved.

*Pre-read a book. Build vocabulary and explain to your child what words mean prior to reading. (For example, filled to the brim, means filled to the top).

Always remember...the more you read to them, discuss what you read and explain words the more they learn and the more they enjoy books!

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