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  •   Sneakers must be worn to participate.
  • Enter the gym quietly.
  • Treat the equipment properly.
  • Have respect for the teacher and one another.
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  • Raise hand if you have something to say.
  • Always try your best.
  • Never give up.
  • Be a team player.


  • Step 1 (warning to student if a rule was not followed)
  • Step 2 (writing assignment)

Grading is based on effort/conduct as well as progress made towards the goal.

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2013-2014 SCHOOL YEAR




*The following are a list of rules and procedures that must be followed if a student is to be allowed to use the Fitness Room at East Shore Middle School. If a student will not agree to follow the rules listed below he/she will not be allowed to use the Fitness Room.


1.   Although the Fitness Room should always be locked when not in use, students are not allowed into the Fitness Room without a teacher. When entering the Fitness Room, the students should not use any of the equipment unless they have permission from the instructor.


2.   Running is not allowed in the Fitness Room. Students must walk at all times while in the Fitness Room (walk from station to station). Also, the mats on the floor are for safety purposes, students are not to use these mats for gymnastics purposes. The Fitness Room is not large enough for gymnastics.


3. Only one person at a time on a piece of equipment. For example, only one person

at a time should use the Lat Pull Down Machine. Also, students must follow the signs on the walls in the fitness room. A student should only jump rope near the area in the room designated for jumping rope.


     4. Students must always concentrate on what they are doing. Students must keep

           hands and feet away from all moving parts of the machines. A student is never

           allowed to touch another person or equipment that they are using while in the      

           Fitness Room. For example, a student is not allowed to change another students

           weight selection on a machine while in the Fitness Room.




5.   Off-task behavior will not be tolerated in the Fitness Room. Students will be sent

to the office if they are not behaving.


       6.   Students must work in pairs (2 per group) and move from station to station in        

           numerical order. Each station will last approximately 3 minutes.


7.   If a piece of equipment looks broken or is not working properly, call a teacher

over immediately. Do not try and fix it yourself, this could be dangerous. For example, you are planning to use the pull-up bar and it does not look tight on the

wall-call a teacher over immediately so the problem can be fixed correctly and safely.


8.   The banging of weights should never be heard in the Fitness Room. When a

student bangs weights that usually means he/she is trying to lift too much. A

student should always start from the lightest amount of weight and work their way up. If you cannot lift a specific weight amount 8-10 times, that means the weight is too heavy for you. Students should use correct form at all times to prevent injury and to achieve the greatest gains from exercise. If you cannot maintain control during the exercise, reduce the weight.


9.   Never hold your breath when lifting weights. Remember, exhale when pushing

against the weight (blow the weight up) and inhale when lowering the weight.


10. When weight training, students should move through the complete range of

motion to increase flexibility. No jerky motions with the weights.


11. Muscle balance should be achieved by exercising muscles on both sides of the

joint. For example, if you are building your biceps muscle you should also work

on your triceps muscle.


12. Students should only use equipment that they feel comfortable using. Just

because a friend is using a piece of equipment does not mean you have to. Ask a teacher if you have any questions.




I, _________________________________________, have read these rules and

procedures and agree to abide by them. In addition, I have been shown how to use each piece of equipment properly and safely and will do so in the fitness room.




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