Homework is designed to reinforce the skills learned at school.  It is assigned as a review of classroom activities and to teach students responsibility and accountability.  Each students is responsible for documenting their daily homework assignments in their Assignment Pad.  I ask that parents/gaurdians review homework for completion and initial, or sign, the corresponding page in the Assignment Pad. 

Homework is typically assigned Monday through Thursday with no weekend homework.  Most assignments are due the next day unless otherwise stated.  If a situation occurs that prevents your child from completing their assignment please send a note in with him/her explaining the situation.  The student will be responsible for completing the missed assignment and any new assignments and submitting them the next day.  Daily Homework includes reading for at least 20 minutes and recording what was read on their weekly Reading Log.  Students are required to turn in their Reading Logs every Monday.  Other homework may include math problem solving, spelling, wrtiting, and occassionally an "at home project".  

If your child is experiencing difficulty with any assignment please bring it to my attention immediately.

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