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Dates to Remember


February 7th                                                         Early Dismissal

February 14th                                                       Valentine's Day

February 19th and 20th                                       Winter Break





*  Flashlight Fridays - Students will have an opportunity to read by flashlight on Friday afternoons.  You may send them in on Friday or label your flashlight and I will keep them in a bucket until Fridays.  

*  Students have been provided with a Home/School folder.  Please return to school daily.

*  All lunch money should be in a sealed envelope with your child's name on the outside.

*  Any notes for the office or myself should be put in the Home/School folder and labeled.

*  Email:

*  If there are any changes in dismissal please send a note to school in the AM. 





Math - Number Games and Crayons



 *  Students will continue to develop an understanding of how any number (up to 20) can be composed and decomposed.  Students will be focusing on making sense of the operations of addition and subtraction, practicing adding and subtracting single digit numbers, and solving addition and subtraction story problems.  Students will be decomposing two digit numbers into tens and ones and writing them in addition equations.



      * Investigation: 1:  Combinations of Numbers

      * Investigation 2:  Addition and Subtraction

     *  Investigation 3:  Place Value








Reader's Workshop - Reading Nonfiction



 Learning Expectations - students will:

 *  Understand that we read informational texts to learn information.

*  Name and identify specific nonfiction text features.

*  Use nonfiction text features to obtain information about a text

*  Be able to determine the meaning of unknown words in informational texts,

*  Share new information with others.


Teaching Points:


*  Readers figure out the meaning of unknown words by looking carefully at the pictures.

*  Readers figure out the meaning of unknown words by checking the glossary.

*  Readers figure out the meaning of unknown words by asking a partner for help.

*  Readers pick a topic of interest to investigate.

*  Readers ask questions about their topic.

*  Readers read to find the answers to their questions.

*  Readers share their learning with an audience.

*  Readers organize information in a way that makes sense.


        *** A Reader's Workshop Packet goes home weekly.  The lessons are taught daily.  Some days the students will do a page in the packet, other days they will be practicing the strategies  independently or with their partner.  Please don't be alarmed if all the pages are not complete.  The packets are more to let you know what our lesson was for the day. 



 Take Home Reading Bags -

    Just a reminder about your child's books.  These are independent reading books and are below your child's reading level.  The students are being instructed at higher levels in small groups.  The Take Home Bags are for practicing good reading habits.  Most importantly for them to read like they talk.  They should be reading with expression.  Good readers read to entertain. Many students are reading their own books at home, which is also good practice.  Please encourage and compliment their good reading.  


 Sight Words - Students have been assessed on the First Grade Sight Words.  A copy was sent home with your child's score.   The students came home with a ZAP game. The words were chosen for each student based on the assessments.  Please take 10 minutes and play, they really enjoy playing.  I will be sending home other materials throughout the year to help with recognition and fluency of Sight Words.

***** Not only do the students need to recognize these word automatically BUT they also need to know how to spell the words.  If your child has mastered the words, please have them practice spelling them.





Ms. Collins


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