Homework Policy

The most important aspect of homework is developing good study habits and routines. In 5th grade, the anticipated amount of time it should take to complete nightly homework is 50 minutes, including reading. Your child can expect homework Monday-Thursday. They will get spelling, math and a reader response which supports what we cover in class that day. This portion should take about 20-25 minutes. This leaves about 25-30 minutes for reading each night. More, is of course better and highly recommended.

If your child is racing through the assignments in less than 20-25 minutes, then they have more time to read. You can also have them review it to ensure that they are completing it accurately. The math, spelling and reader responses will take each child a different amount of time to complete.

If your child is taking much longer than 50 minutes please be in touch with me. I can certainly adjust what they are getting for homework. In the beginning of the year it usually takes them longer to complete the assignments and get back into the swing of school. If they are struggling with any part of the homework, please write it on their homework so I am aware# I will work with them the next day.

I keep a homework log in class# Each day we check off that homework is complete. We go over any part of the homework that they may have struggled with. I don't spend a great deal of time going through each problem or question. It's more important to spend time going over new material and anything the class doesn't understand.

If they don't have their homework, they don't get a check. At the end of the month if they have more than 4 missed homework assignments the report will go home for you to sign review and return so I know you saw it. Homework is due the next day, unless it is a long term project. I don't accept late homework. If your child is absent they are still expected to complete the homework they miss.

The class will receive a homework contract that I will go over with them thoroughly.

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