Language Arts

Our next unit is Poetry, Prose and Drama!

This unit covers:

* the difference between poetry, prose and drama

*the structural elements in poems, prose and drama

*building speaking and listening skills by sharing poems and dramas through oral presentation

*making connections between the written text of a story or drama and a visual presentation

Help at home includes asking your child questions about the book he/she is reading. When your child responds, you can ask for evidence about why he/she feels that way. 


Fractions and Decimals:

*explore addition and subtraction of fractions and fraction equivalence

*finding fractional parts of a whole

*order and compare fractions

We started our year reviewing multiplication and division facts and now we have moved into our second unit. The unit starts out with multiplication problems and  moves onto division problems. We are not introducing the algorithm for multiplication and division. We are using the break apart strategy for the multiplication. For example, 24x4. We can break the 24 up to 10, 10 and 4 or we can break it up to 20 and 4.

Next we will solve. 10x4=40  10x4= 40  4x4=16  40+40+16=96 or 20x4=80  4x4=16   80+16=96

The students can break up one number in the way that is easiest for them. 

With division, we are using multiplication to solve it. For example, 48/3= 

We know that 3x10=30 so there is 18 left over. I also know that 3x6=18.  So 10+6=16 



The students are expected to have clear and concise work and their final answer should be circled. Help at home includes checking over the homework for clear and concise notation and labeling word problems. Please help your child study the multiplication facts. It is extremely important that your child knows the facts. Knowing the facts will help build a strong foundation for the work ahead this year.  


Our second unit in science is Earth's Place in the Universe. We will be making observations and conducting experiments. The students will explore the history of earth and global patterns of rock formations. 


The Paragraph of the Week will be given as homework. The tasks of the paragraph are broken down nightly. The packet is due on Friday. The children are expected to write in complete sentences. The topic is given to them and is written on the packet. We worked on a packet last week together so they will know how to complete this independently. Help at home includes checking over their packet and looking for complete sentences and punctuation.

In class we are working on opinion writing. We are reading an article, discussing it, making an opinion statement, and then looking for evidence that supports the opinion statement. We are filling out graphic organizers and then writing a complete paragraph. We will be working on theme, main idea and details, and summarizing an article this marking period.  


 Please remember that Live Oaks is a nut free school. Please make sure you send in a nut free snack as we have a student who has a nut allergy. No food or candy is to be sent to school to be shared.  No food or candy is to be sent in for Halloween, Valentine's Day, birthdays, etc. to be sent home with students. Lunches that contain nuts may be consumed in the cafeteria at any table except the "nut free"/allergy safe table.

Lunch Money- When you send in lunch money, please put your child's name, grade and room number on the envelope. We are room 17.

Band Days are on Wednesday.

Strings is on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 11:15-11:45

Monday is viola. Tuesday is violin. Thursday is cello and bass.


 Important Dates

1/24 Early Release Day





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