Homework Policy

Homework Policy:
All students are expected to bring in their homework DAILY. They write down their assignments in their assignment pads.  It is up to the student to make sure they have all necessary materials to complete each night's work. Parents are welcome to sign the planner, but I am not expecting them to. I want more responsibility on the students themselves. Their planners are a good place to write any notes.

Weekly Reading Log: Each Monday students are required to bring in their reading log. They will fill out the date, title they read, and parents will initial them each week. This is to ensure students are reading at least 100 minutes a week. They are responsible for writing down what they read. Any material is acceptable (fiction, non-ficiton, magazine, a website, the newspaper, etc) I want to establish lifelong reading habits. Also sometimes there will be an assignment to go along with their nightly reading. I only collect the logs on the following Monday. These can stay home all week as a reminder, but they must be returned at the start of the week. If you lose it, write it on any paper to get credit. They will do a book talk on one book they read each trimester.

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