ADM-F001                                     Permission to Disclose Confidential Information RE: HIV/AIDS

ADM-F002                                     Advertising/Sponsorship Proposal Form

ADM-F003                                     Advertising/Sponsorship Contract

ADM-F004                                     Notice of Intent/Instruction of Student at Home

ADM-F005                                     Application for Sponsors of Benefits and Civic Activities

ADM-F007                                     Evaluation of Coaches

ADM-F008                                     Travel Release Form - (Athletics only)

ADM-F009                                     Use of District Equipment/Employee Sign-Out Sheet

ADM-F010                                     Student Sign-Out Sheet – BOE Property

ADM-F012                                     Approval for Student Fundraising

ADM-F013                                     Student Fundraiser Cash Report

ADM-F015-A                                 Student Report form - Bullying - Grades K-5

ADM-F015-B                                 Student report form - Bullying - Grades 6-12

ADM-F015-C                                 Employee Report form - Bullying

ADM-F016                                     Investigation Checklist - Bullying

ADM-F017                                     Investigation Summary report - Bullying

ADM-F018-A                                  Parent Letter-Allegation - Bullying

ADM-F018-B                                  Parent Letter-Verified act - Bullying

ADM-F018-C                                  Parent Letter-UNverified act - Bullying

ADM-F019                                     Verified Bullying Log

ADM-F023                                     Board Agenda Reporting Form

ADM-F024                                     Athletic Permission/Emergency Authorization

ADM-F025                                     Flyer Distribution

ADM-F026                                     Verification of Liability Insurance

ADM-F027                                      Travel Release form - (General)

ADM-F028                                      Student Drop Out Survey

ADM-F029                                      School Withdrawal Form

ADM-F032                                      Parent/Guardian Report form - Bullying

ADM-F033                                      Appendix IV Automated External Defibrillator Notification Letter

ADM-F034                                     Request for Out-of-Attendance Area Enrollment form

ADM-P001                                     Initiation/Creation of Policies

ADM-P002                                     Home Schooling

ADM-P003                                     Initiation/Creation of Procedures

ADM-P004                                     Evaluation and Termination of Athletic Coaches

ADM-P005                                     Wellness

ADM-P006                                     BOE Property Inventory Control (School/Student)

ADM-P007                                     Borrowing of District Equipment by BOE Employees

ADM-P008                                     Addition of a District-Sanctioned Sport

ADM-P009                                     Deletion of a District-Sanctioned Sport

ADM-P011                                     Approval for Student Fundraising

ADM-P013                                     Addition of a District-Sanctioned Student Activity

ADM-P014                                     Automated External Defibrillators

ADM-P1322                                   Flyer Distribution/Benefits & Contests

ADM-P1325                                   Advertising/Sponsorship

ADM-P1330/20                              Sports Camps

ADM-P2000                                   Concepts and Roles in Administration

ADM-P2111                                   Equal Employment

ADM-P2113                                   Assignment and Transfer of Building Administrators

ADM-P2121                                   Lines of Responsibility

ADM-P2130                                   Job Descriptions

ADM-P2140                                   Superintendent of Schools

ADM-P2141                                   Recruitment and Appointment of Superintendent

ADM-2151                                     Hiring School Administrators

ADM-2151.2                                  Compensation Guides and Contracts for Administrators

ADM-P2210                                   Administrative Leeway in Absence of BOE Policy

ADM-P2220                                   Representative and Deliberative Groups

ADM-P2231                                   Policy and Regulation Systems

ADM-P2400                                   Evaluation of Administrators and Administration

ADM-P3260                                   Business Sales and Disposal of Textbooks/Library Books

ADM-P3260a                                 Business Sales and Disposal of Furniture and Equipment

ADM-P3542                                   Food Services

ADM-P3542.31                              Free or Reduced Price Lunches

ADM-P3542.33                              Food Sales other than National School Lunch Program

ADM-P4000                                  Certified/Non-Certified Concepts and Roles in Personnel

ADM-P4111                                  Certified Recruitment and Selection

ADM-P4111.1/4211.1                     Certified/Non-Certified Equal Employment Opportunity

ADM-P4112.4/4212.4                    Certified/Non-Certified Health Exam/Chest X-ray/Intradermal Test

ADM-P4112.6/4212.6                    Certified/Non-Certified Personnel Records

ADM-P4117.4a/4217.4                  Certified/Non-Certified Dismissal/Suspension

ADM-P4117.4bc/4217.4                Certified/Non-Certified Dismissal/Suspension Just Cause

ADM-P4118.112a-b/4218.112        Certified/Non-Certified Sexual Harassment

ADM-P4118.14/4218.14                Certified/Non-Certified Disabilities

ADM-P4118.141/4218.141             Certified/Non-Certified Disabilities Medical  Examinations

ADM-P4118.142                            Certified/Non-Certified Disabilities

ADM-P5111                                  Students Admission/Placement

ADM-P5112                                  Students Ages of Attendance/Required Ages of Attendance

ADM-P5131.8b                              Athletic/Extracurricular Activities Code of Conduct

ADM-P5131.9                                Fighting and Assaults

ADM-P5141.24a-e                         Students with HIV/AIDS

ADM-5141.25                                Managing Students With Food Allergies in School

ADM-5141.5a-e                             Suicide Prevention and Intervention

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