FSD-F001     New Employee Requirements Checklist

FSD-F002     Food Service Employee Evaluation

FSD-F003     Payroll Change Notice

FSD-F004     New Hire Checklist

FSD-F005     Food Service – Substitute Information – New Hire

FSD-F006     Memo to Personnel Dept. RE: Fingerprints/TB

FSD-F007     Free-Reduced Meal Application

FSD-F008     MFS Answers to School Lunch

FSD-F009     Refrigeration and Freezer Time & Temperature

FSD-F010     Lunch Request

FSD-F011     Thermometer Calibration Log

FSD-P001     Food Service Substitute Application and Hiring

FSD-P002     Free-Reduced Meal Process

FSD-P003     School Lunch Payment Procedure

FSD-P005     Cash Handling Procedure

FSD-P006     Verification for Free-Reduced Meal

FSD-P007     Cooking Potentially Hazardous Foods

FSD-P008     Cooling Potentially Hazardous Foods

FSD-P009     Holding Potentially Hazardous Foods

FSD-P010     Using and Calibrating a Thermometer

FSD-W001    Verification of Credit Card Deposit

FSD-W002    Measurement and Calibration of Equipment

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